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Anonymous said: Hey there! Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved your design for Michelle and I was wondering if we might see more of it in the future of this specific timeline?

I’m not too sure what you mean by ‘this specific timeline’, but I’m super stoked you liked her—I rather liked her too! I’m glad I held off looking in the wtnv tags until after I draw her, or else it would have blipped that she was meant to be a hipster (hipsters, for some reason, haven’t really embedded themselves in my pop-culture conciousness so I’m slow to recognize their portrayal) and so probably would have looked completely different otherwise. So yeah! Maybe I’ll draw her again at some point in the future—probably to give her a more reasonable outfit, haha!

Did you mean “the best character”?

tacet-seditionem said: I just realized something and I feel like a total twit for not asking beforehand, but I never even asked if it was okay to use your Kevin design for my blog *hides face* hahhhaa sorry about that! So allow me to ask now, may I do that? Is that an okay thing?? Totally cool if not, but...?

Naaaah, I’m totally flattered! You’re a-okay! Naturally, this isn’t the case for all artists, but for me, since Kevin isn’t mine anyway, if other people take a liking to the design of my headcanon I’m fine if they use a similar/the same design for their own canon, so long as they credit somewhere that that’s the case (as you have always been lovely enough to do). Additionally, cropping and editing my stuff for use as avatars is also okay with me, again, as long as there’s credit.

The only thing I’ll take any issue with is reposts of my stuff, credited or not, edited or not, and personal use of the design of one of my OCs, credited or not. But thank you for asking! And also for being p cool.

He had very strong feelings about it, that much is for sure. He chilled out a little after Dimas started to get him more involved in his hair’s day-to-day care, though, which Kevin rather took a liking to. 

Dimas actually considered cutting his hair himself after the third time it got caught in a machine at the lab and he nearly got crushed to death, but he liked that his hair gave him and Kevin a little morning ritual they could share, so he decided against it in the end.


smilodonmeow said: Do you have an ao3 account?

Alas, I do not. I actually wasn’t very cognizant of the size of ao3 until fairly recently, if I’m honest. I pretty much grew up with so it didn’t really occur to me that other large communities of fic writers might have sprouted up in the meantime. As I understand it, you need an invite in order to create an account on ao3? So maybe one of these days I’ll be able to open an account by wiling my way into someone’s good graces, haha.

Dimas and Lauren have a conversation about certain pressing matters.

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Datura for Dimas.
I realized after the fact that this happened as a consequence of seeing this earlier in the week and thinking a lot about min-min-minnie’s stuff recently, but even still I’m kind of…nonplussed…by this…

I realized after the fact that this happened as a consequence of seeing this earlier in the week and thinking a lot about min-min-minnie’s stuff recently, but even still I’m kind of…nonplussed…by this…

cultofthepigeon said: idk whats going on with sam and marco but i wanna knwo more about them!

Aww jeeze, this is so exciting! No one’s ever asked me about them before! Honestly, I don’t know where to begin, or what information might interest you, but I’ll try keep it brief.

Sam’s full name is Samuel Aldridge, and he’s a detective who used to be part of the constabulary. Marco’s name is generally read Marco Dash (though he writes it Marco         to symbolize a lack of familial ties and also because he’s needlessly difficult) and he is part of a branch of his country’s gendarmerie that behaves a lot like the secret police. Sam is generally quite stoic and reserved, though he is uniquely passionate about justice and fairness, largely due to witnessing the trials his mother, a foreigner, faced while trying to raise him so he was completely assimilated. Marco, despite being generally good-natured and likable, has a pretty flexible morality and an overly malleable sense of empathy, both of which have become gradually less so over time—which has made his job much harder. He and Sam had a casual relationship which eventually developed into a not-casual relationship, and they were rather happy together until one of Marco’s jobs provoked him to simply stop speaking to Sam one day, resulting in their estrangement. They stay pretty in love with each other during the course of their separation, though. That’s the short version! 

Sam and Marco, a pair of OCs who I haven’t drawn in a while so I just wanted to make sure I still remembered how they looked.

It isn’t that I don’t like you, mega slowbro, it’s just that I don’t understand you