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cultofthepigeon said: idk whats going on with sam and marco but i wanna knwo more about them!

Aww jeeze, this is so exciting! No one’s ever asked me about them before! Honestly, I don’t know where to begin, or what information might interest you, but I’ll try keep it brief.

Sam’s full name is Samuel Aldridge, and he’s a detective who used to be part of the constabulary. Marco’s name is generally read Marco Dash (though he writes it Marco         to symbolize a lack of familial ties and also because he’s needlessly difficult) and he is part of a branch of his country’s gendarmerie that behaves a lot like the secret police. Sam is generally quite stoic and reserved, though he is uniquely passionate about justice and fairness, largely due to witnessing the trials his mother, a foreigner, faced while trying to raise him so he was completely assimilated. Marco, despite being generally good-natured and likable, has a pretty flexible morality and an overly malleable sense of empathy, both of which have become gradually less so over time—which has made his job much harder. He and Sam had a casual relationship which eventually developed into a not-casual relationship, and they were rather happy together until one of Marco’s jobs provoked him to simply stop speaking to Sam one day, resulting in their estrangement. They stay pretty in love with each other during the course of their separation, though. That’s the short version! 

Sam and Marco, a pair of OCs who I haven’t drawn in a while so I just wanted to make sure I still remembered how they looked.

It isn’t that I don’t like you, mega slowbro, it’s just that I don’t understand you

Lots of distressed yelling followed by a protracted period of passive aggressively playing songs like this during the weather.

Maaan, I can’t believe I’ve had this ask for almost a month already. I’ve been thinking about it every other day since I’ve received it, and honestly, I still don’t have an answer that I really like—which I feel really bad about, since you’re so kind about my work and it always makes me super excited when you reblog my stuff. I wish I had more to show after all this time.

But, what I can say with certainty is that during the course of events, rather than ask Kevin to move in Dimas asks him to move away. And likewise, rather than say yes immediately, Kevin takes a great deal of time to consider his answer—so much time, in fact, that he never gets to answer at all.

Anonymous said: is that dana with dreds? cause if so oh my god thank you because i am all about more dreds in the wtnv fanart

Yes! While I was interning this summer, there were like five or six people with dreads who shared my commute, so I decided to give her dreads in honor of that. I’m glad you like them!

Anonymous said: I must be from Desert Bluffs cuz I laughed a bit when I found out Kevin was just playing a prank on Cecil.

To be honest, I think we all have a little Desert Bluffs in us, haha! Though in this case, it could just as easily been a relief laugh, I’m sure.

There are no dogs in the Dog Park.

Intern Dana from back when she was still Intern Dana.

Anonymous said: OMFG. I happily reblogged the cute comic with Kevin calling Dimas perfect and your comment says that Dimas saw this as a conditional, and then later in the shower I realized that one pic of perfect Dimas, and FUCK. DID DIMAS DO IT ON PURPOSE FOR KEVIN?!?!?! AND IT DIDN'T WORK OUT AND I"M JUST.... I hate you so much. I.. . I must build a shrine to properly worship you....

I suppose it’s a mystery~ Dimas certainly tried to be the selfless type, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, I appreciate both your hate and your praise, haha! I hope I’ll continue to earn them both in equal measure.

I like to think that Kevin ends up meeting Carlos and his troupe in the desert and they become total bros and then Kevin takes advantage of their newfound trust and friendship to be a huge jerk to Carlos’s boyfriend in another dimension.

Partial paint of an old picture just to make sure I hadn’t forgotten how to paint completely. I’m definitely way out of practice though.